Seven Chakra Bonded Platonic Solid Geometry Sets with case

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7 Chakra
Hand Made
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Sacred Geometry Set
Metaphysical Sacred Healing
Metaphysical Geometry set
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Gujarat, India
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Metaphysical Products
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5000 Set/Sets per Month
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Strong Waterproof Goods Packing
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10-12 Days if ready stock otherwise depend on quantity
Product Name:Seven Chakra Bonded Platonic Solid Geometry Sets with case
Product Code: GEOMETRY 17
Stone Name:Chakra Gemstone
Available Stone:All Gemstone, Agate Stone
Available Size:20-22 MM
MOQ:10 Set
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Chakra Sacred Geometry Set Deep Details


This Set contains 7 beautiful Crystals faceted into the Sacred Geometric Shape known as the “Platonic Solids.” The platonic solids are the repeating geometric patterns that are the basic building blocks of life. All of life we know it is composed of these geometric structures: Our physical bodies, cells, DNA, plants, animals, minerals, galaxies and universes are endlessly repeating these archetypal patterns.


These special crystals make an excellent personal energetic enhanced kit and can be used for Chakra Clearing & Balancing, Meditation, Dream work, Ceremony, Energy Grid, Activation, Environmental Space Clearing, and Feng Shui.


This Sacred Geometry Set includes:

1.)    Cube = Red Jasper (Root Chakra)

2.)    Icosahedron = Orange Aventurine (Sacral Chakra)

3.)    Tetrahedron = Yellow Aventurine (Solar Plexus Chakra)

4.)    Octahedron = Green Aventurine (Heart Chakra)

5.)    Ball = Sodalite (Throat Chakra)

6.)    Merkaba Star = Clear Quartz (Third Eye Chakra)

7.)    Dodecahedron = Amethyst (Crown Chakra)

The Platonic Solids were known to the ancient Greeks, and were described by Plato in his Timaeus ca. 350 BC. Plato equated the Tetrahedron with the element fire, the Cube with earth, the Icosahedron with water, the Octahedron with air, and the Dodecahedron with the stuff of which the constellations and heavens were made. Merkaba is a term from the Egyptian Mystery School. It is found in many languages including African Zulu, Egyptian and Hebrew. In Hebrew it means both the Throne of God as well as a Chariot that carries the Human Body and spirit from one Place to another. Please note that the items are natural and individually very slightly in colour and size. Size ranges between .5-.75 inch each at its longest width.


               The Platonic solids are the only five solids in which all faces are identical regular polygons, interchangeable by symmetry operations. The Cube has three squares at each corner. The Tetrahedron has three equilateral triangles at each corner. The Dodecahedron has three regular pentagons at each corner. The Octahedron has four equilateral triangles at each corner. The Icosahedron has five equilateral triangles at each corner. In nature, the cube, tetrahedron, and octahedron appear in crystals.

               Sphere shaped crystals are representative of the Universe and everything contained in it. Spheres are synonymous with the “whole” person. Including consciousness, mobility, non attachment, self containment and a powerful mind. Tied to our spiritual nature, these spheres allow for our purity, clear mind and flexibility to emerge.

               The Markaba is a counter-rotating field of light that effects spirit and body simultaneously. It is a vehicle that can take spirit and body (or one’s interpretation of reality) from one world or dimension into another. It can also create reality as well as move through realities. It is an inter-dimensional vehicle that can aid humanity to return to their original higher states of consciousness. It links the mind, heart and body with the protective, universal love of the Source. The Merkaba activates the protective love to the Universe to awaken, heal and transform the Spiritual, Physical, Mental and Emotional Levels of ourselves. In our current time, most humans have lost touch with the Geometric Energy Field that surrounds our bodies, according to Drunvalo Melchizdek, author of “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Vol 1 & 2.


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